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The Chronicles of New Zealand - Chapter 51

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Title: The Chronicles of New Zealand
Author: fienchen
Pairing: Domlijah
Rating: NC 17 (for series)
Summary: Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan meet in New Zealand and fall in love during filming "The Lord of the Rings". As their relationship develops the problems and obstacles increase, but of course nothing stands in the way of true love.
Author's note: This work is pure and utter fiction and the product of my vivid imagination. Special thanks to my lovely beta spikessweetgirl.
Chapter: 51
Word count: 5837

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Chapter 51

“There will be time for controversy, and that will be when the movies come out. As long as people realize they are just interpretation. We have been faithful to the books.”

The journalist looked down at his notepad and scribbled something, not seeming very satisfied with the answer Peter Jackson had given him. It had been a question that needed to be asked and certainly he wasn’t the only one who had thought of it. But he had been the first one out of the whole bunch of present reporters to get a chance to ask it. It was one of the main questions hovering over the entire project called “The Lord of the Rings”. How do you adapt a supposedly unfilmable book into a movie? How do you live up to the expectations of millions of fans and critics around the world? How do you deal with the controversy and scrutiny that’s already going on? The dialogue between film makers and media had been closely guarded from the very beginning on; there had been hardly any leaks, let alone anything official. The occasional reports from curious, successful fans who managed to catch a glimpse of the sheltered sets or the actors had been all, apart from the first authorized photo shoots with the main characters. So now, almost a month before principal photography would wrap for good, the press finally got the opportunity to ease its craving for detailed information.

“What do you say about the rumors of a budget blowout? Some media reports put it in the region of 650 million New Zealand dollars. Is that true?”

Dominic leaned back in his chair and tried to keep a straight face. He doubted anyone would care even if he did grimace since all the journalists were after the big known stars of the movies anyway. Yet he remained sitting quietly between Sean and Billy and glanced at Barrie Osborne from the other side of the big white tent. Why were some reporters hungry for negative press only? They just couldn’t accept that there was nothing really negative to write about. Peter and his crew were professional enough not to give out any more information than was necessary at this very first press conference for “The Lord of the Rings” on the Minas Tirith set, in Dry Creek Quarry outside Wellington, that featured most of the main actors as well. Filming was going well. Yes, the South Island weather could be difficult sometimes due to floods that had delayed filming for two days and yes, the cast had to be called down from Mount Olympus once for safety reasons, but they were still on schedule.

“I hope you understand that I won’t tell you the size of our budget,” the producer began with carefully chosen words. “But I can assure you that it’s a healthy budget for a trilogy that’s the size of Star Wars. It’s hard for me to draw any comparisons though. I produced a couple of big movies, but nothing like this. I don’t think anyone of us has been involved in something this big. It’s definitely the hardest I’ve ever done with the logistics and also doing three movies at once. It’s a challenge, but it’s a great experience. And having someone like Peter by your side makes it all less stressful and difficult.”

Peter was sitting in the middle of the improvised tables that formed a semicircle in front of the journalists, wearing his obligatory trademark shorts. Of course he had lots of experience with the press, but nothing had come close to this. Creating three “Lord of the Rings” movies attracted the attention from people all over the world and everyone was demanding facts, photos, bits and pieces. If they didn’t get it, they just kept on digging, snooping and asking. Despite some of the unpleasant questions which they had known would come, the press conference was very satisfying and they could even share lots of laughter together. And now as he was looking over at his colleague and friend, Peter gratefully smiled at the supportive statements. His childhood dreams were coming true here in New Zealand, his lifetime project was taking shape, and it was essential to have people around him who believed in what they were forming, who shared an equal passion and who he could always rely upon. He was blessed to have all that in his actors as well as his huge team behind the scenes.

“You’ve been living in New Zealand for about thirteen months now. How well did you settle into life here, and what made you agree to be a part of the movies? Mr. Wood, you’re the youngest, but one of the stars. What was it like for you?”

Suddenly all eyes were on him and Elijah shifted in his chair. He hadn’t expected to be the first one the question was directed at. Nonetheless he was prepared for it since it was one of the more obvious ones. He glanced briefly to his left and past Sean at Dominic who didn’t even bother to hide his fat grin. Elijah knew exactly what he was thinking and playfully slapped him in his mind. Shut up, I’m not a star. A star is nothing but a ball of gas, Elijah had used to say to Dominic at the beginning, when his British friend had called him that. Dominic still loved calling him “star” or “Hollywood star”, but only to tease him.

Elijah leaned forward and spoke into the microphone on the table. “Well, what drove me to be here initially was Peter and the prospect of working with him. I wasn’t very familiar with Lord of the Rings and the books, but I was a big fan of Peter and his work. And for some reason he liked my audition tape. As for settling into the life here, we all live in houses, it’s actually the first time I’ve been away from home for such a long time, all by myself. But we became a very tight group of friends. We go surfing, preferably at Lyall Bay, it’s not far away from where I rented my home. Or we go to pubs, to the movies, out to dinner…you know, just the normal stuff that friends do. We’re mingling well with the locals.”

That was all he said, but he couldn’t help but imagine how easily he could drop a bomb and give each of the probing journalists a controversial headline that would overshadow everything they had heard up until this moment. One sentence would be enough. One personal secret that they would lunge at like vultures. A scary thought, but strangely it also made Elijah feel a certain sort of power. And that made him feel good again. Sean started speaking next to him, talking about his daughter and how old she had been when he had come to New Zealand and how old she would be by the time all the movies were out. Sean, the infatuated family man. Elijah took a look around the semicircle and noticed that Sean was actually the only one who was dressed very formal, with jacket and tie. Ian, David and John had similar clothes, but none of them had added a tie. As expected, Dominic was the most dressed down one of them all. He had slipped on a light-blue muscle shirt and dark jeans. A few days before he had gotten some blonde highlights in his hair and Elijah loved this look on him. He also loved that he could stare at Dominic’s bare, well-built arms whenever he got too bored. It was rather warm inside the tent. The late-spring sun wasn’t strong, yet it had managed to pleasantly increase the temperature within the closed space. Elijah himself had gone for a long-sleeved, khaki-colored, buttoned up shirt over a dark t-shirt and now regretted the decision. It was suitable for outside, but inside the tent he had rolled up his sleeves. He wondered how Sean was doing in his outfit. However, he seemed comfortable enough.

Elijah’s eyes wandered over to Dominic and his arms once more and he grinned involuntarily. Grow up, you idiot, he told himself. But every time Dominic crossed his arms or shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants while standing, his sturdy muscles would become prominent. His body had gone through some changes since principal photography had begun. He hadn’t had the worst figure at the beginning. Elijah remembered images of Dominic sleeping on his couch after a night out in town, wearing a pair of jeans only, and his eyes had been glued to the sight. Dominic had been more slender back then and his already present muscles had been less defined, but still it had been a sight that had taken Elijah’s breath away and made his heart beat faster. Now, more than a year later, Dominic had built up quite nicely, though he wasn’t the only one who faced some changes. The often rough and physically demanding shoots, the fighting, crawling and running, had decreased a little bit of Elijah’s boyishness. He was still slim and looked nowhere as sturdy as Dominic, but some of his former “baby fat”, as he liked to call it, had disappeared and gotten replaced by firmness and tightness.

“I wasn’t so much interested in New Zealand. I thought my year here would be a wonderful opportunity to go to Australia.”

A round of laughter following Ian’s joke pulled Elijah out of his thoughts and he joined it. There would still be a better place and time to ponder, reminisce and be mushy. Only three more days…


The last drops of the wine flowed into his glass and Dominic put the bottle back on the counter. Letting the shimmering red fluid swirl in the glass, he slowly crossed the kitchen and entered the living-room which was dipped into a dimmed, warm light. Empty plates as well as various pots and bowls were scattered on the table by the fluffy sofa, some of them still half-full, some completely plundered. It had been one of the most delicious feasts Dominic had ever whipped up. His mother would have been proud of him if she had been there. But it was also a very special occasion and Dominic knew he couldn’t have done it without the precious help from the precious man who was sitting on the right side of the sofa, his legs drawn up to his chest and his hand holding a full glass of wine. Like Dominic, he was wearing cozy sweatpants and a simple t-shirt as he was taking a small gulp of his drink. Standing a few feet away from the couch, Dominic watched him silently for a moment. The beautiful profile, the softly arched lashes, the perfectly shaped nose, the lips that were moist from the wine. The only thing that was missing was that stunning lake and mountain scenery in the background.

“I’m sorry, Lijah.”

Elijah looked up from the glass between his fingers and smiled. “Stop apologizing, Dom. You couldn’t do anything about it.”

Dominic walked over to him and lowered himself right beside him. “But still…it’s not right. We shouldn’t be here today. We should be there.”

“But unfortunately we’re not in charge of the filming schedule,” Elijah turned to face him and crossed his legs. It had been Dominic’s fifth apology tonight and somehow Elijah thought he was just getting cuter and cuter every time he uttered those words. But he knew they sounded more dramatic than actually intended. “And who cares where we are? We’re lucky enough that we get to spend the evening together, in the middle of the week. And it’s always comfy with you, no matter where we are.”

Holding the glass between his folded knees, both his hands cupping the almost full bowl, he leaned forward and placed a kiss on Dominic’s mouth. It was returned contently and when it ended, Dominic opened his eyes again and gazed into bright, sparkly, loving orbs that nothing could darken on this day. How could he do anything else but smile right back at the beautiful face before him?

“Happy anniversary, baby,” he murmured softly.

Elijah looked like he was surrounded by a thick fog of blissful happiness. “Happy anniversary, Dommie,” he said gently and tilted his head, wanting another kiss. Just as his lips were about to settle down on their favorite spot, Dominic shattered the wish by being his typical, cheeky self.

“Still…we should be in Te Anau. We’re not even on the bloody South Island,” Dominic protested and chuckled at Elijah’s mock-annoyed expression, followed by that classic high-pitched giggle.

“Shut the fuck up already and snog me!”

“Oohh…demanding little princess,” Dominic teased and almost spilled his wine all over his legs when Elijah became tired of begging and smashed his mouth against his. Miraculously the wine in Elijah’s glass remained where it was supposed to be as well and now even Dominic was unable to keep up the mischievous front any longer. One hand was holding his wine glass while the other found its place on Elijah’s cheek. Elijah, on the other hand, continued gripping his glass, legs still folded and his upper body slightly bent forward, his softly probing tongue in particular savoring the kiss. This first intimate act went on for a couple of minutes. They were both heavily stuffed after the excessive dinner and snogging lazily seemed like the perfect dessert at the moment.

But sooner or later the kiss had to end. Dominic took a sip of the almost forgotten beverage as Elijah’s face, slightly flushed from the warmth of the room and the intimacy, stayed close. Elijah’s eyelids fluttered open and Dominic could see the plain longing. It was unmistakable, as always, and matched his own emotions. Swallowing a little more wine, he forced himself away from the lovely image, but only to stand up slowly and reach out his hand. Elijah didn’t hesitate one second. He raised his right hand and found it enveloped in Dominic’s, who pulled him up from the sofa. They got to stand face-to-face again, hands still tightly grasping each other. This time Dominic initiated the kiss, but it was just a brief one.

“Come to bed, Lijah.”

Elijah nodded mutely and no more words were spoken as Dominic led him into his dim but preheated bedroom. The faint rays of the setting sun passed through the window, shedding a warm light inside the room. It was a shame that the curtains needed to be closed. The place had its own little backyard, but especially at nighttime you could never be sure that curious neighbors weren’t watching what they weren’t supposed to. Dominic put his glass down on the window-sill and pulled at the drapes, then he turned back around. Some light still made its way through the curtains. Elijah was standing right next to the bed, taking a last mouthful of his wine and eyeing him over the edge of the glass. Dominic couldn’t tell why this made him look even more enticing and tempting, but it tugged him over to Elijah in one swift movement. He took the glass and placed it on the nightstand before cupping Elijah’s face and kissing him soundly. His hands wandered from the smooth cheeks, down the back before they reached another lovely destination. Grasping Elijah’s round buttocks through the thin fabric of his sweatpants, Dominic enjoyed the quiet moan he could hear and that was swallowed by his mouth as their lips were firmly attached to each other. Elijah felt himself getting hard. Luckily his pants were pretty loose and he had skipped putting on boxers. Sinking a little deeper into the kiss, he locked his arms around Dominic’s neck and pressed his body up against his. The slack state of his sweatpants was much appreciated since it gave Dominic easier and better access to the farther Southern regions and beyond that. He wormed his expert hands underneath the waistband, pushing it further down in the process and exposing the almost white skin of Elijah’s butt. The cotton slid down to the floor and Elijah stepped out of it, kicking it away. Naked from the waist down, he still felt those familiar, skilled hands on his bottom. His own hands gently pressed against Dominic’s shoulders and pushed him onto the bed. He got rewarded with a low chuckle of a raspy voice that he could listen to all day, no matter the words.

“Demanding little princess…really…”

“You still don’t get that you’ve created this creature, do you?” Elijah was already fumbling with Dominic’s shirt as he said this and deftly yanked it up to remove the unnecessary material. “Deal with the consequences.”

The clothing item flew across the room and was followed by Elijah’s t-shirt a few seconds later. Dominic ran his slender fingers up and down the naked body on top of him, from the shoulder blades over the curved back down to the perfectly formed butt. He really would never understand how a grown-up man, though still a teenager, could have skin this smooth and flawless.

“Oh I do…gladly,” he said, his desirous voice fading. “Just an observation.”

A soft moan escaped his throat when Elijah sealed his lips with a passionate kiss and ground his hips down. The only garment left between them now were Dominic’s sweatpants. It wasn’t difficult for Elijah to feel the prominent hardness underneath the material, but he didn’t make any move to confiscate it yet. Instead he just continued grinding down with his naughty loins, driving Dominic almost over the edge. He had learnt quite a lot and it never ceased to amaze Dominic, seeing how Elijah had been this clueless, shy boy at the beginning who had even been too nervous to shed his clothes. However, Dominic wasn’t too conceited to know that he hadn’t “created” it. He had just helped to set it free.

Elijah kept on rocking his hips for a moment, but soon it became too much, even for him. The rhythm got unsteady and he started trembling lightly from the friction. He was panting into Dominic’s mouth and felt those short puffs of breath coming from the arousing man beneath him as well. Dominic’s hands seemed to be everywhere at once, on Elijah’s back, his thighs, his butt, his neck, tangled in his hair. Ultimately their lips parted as Elijah pulled away a little, giving them both a chance to catch some air. Though he had no intention to remain idle. What a ridiculous thought. How could he do nothing when he had this ravishing body beneath him?

Dominic managed to take a last look at the rosy face above his through half-open eyelids before it disappeared again as Elijah submerged. The half-open eyes turned into blissfully closed eyes. A firm mouth and a rough tongue grazed Dominic’s throat and he thoroughly enjoyed the sensation, his senses reduced to feeling. Elijah didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He took his time as he moved down Dominic’s body deliberately slowly, leaving a wet trail anywhere his lips and tongue connected with skin. Stopping briefly at the two already taut nipples, Elijah sucked first on the left and then the right knob before prudently nibbling on them with his teeth. Clenched fingers pulled at his hair and deep groans filled his ears. Dominic’s chest and belly, another favorite part of his. Elijah wouldn’t be able to pick just one part if he had to. It was all one perfect and perfectly shaped whole. He kissed and licked all over this wonderful torso, sliding further down. Yes, Dominic’s body had gone through some nice changes in the course of time. It had always been well formed, at least from what Elijah could tell after seeing it uncovered for the first time. But especially the additional rippled stomach muscles caused a lovely tingle inside him whenever he set eyes on them. He roamed them with his tongue, hearing, seeing and feeling Dominic’s uneven breathing, until at last he reached the area where naked skin met soft fabric. The rigid bulge was even harder to miss now, as was the fact that Dominic had renounced the idea of underwear as well. Right on top of the bulge a small dark stain stood out against the grey of the sweatpants. A narrow trail of hair disappeared behind the waistband and Elijah slid his fingers beneath the material, slowly but determinedly pulling the pants down. Once the superfluous piece of clothing was lying in a corner of the room, Elijah turned his full attention to the delightful pelvis in front of him. He felt like he was about to enjoy another delicious banquet and somehow that thought made him grin a little. Lying down on his stomach between Dominic’s legs, he examined what he saw for a moment. The large, swollen, stiff cock with the noticeable arteries and the pink head, the thick testicles, surrounded by dark pubic hair. Just like a banquet, making it difficult to decide where to begin. He made up his mind rather quickly though and picked the long length of the hard penis. Starting with the base, he ran his tongue up to the tip and then swallowed as much as he could. Elijah loved how Dominic’s already engorged member used to swell even more every time he engulfed it with his mouth, as he did now. Tasting the salty pre-cum, he licked it off first before moving his lips up and down slowly.

Getting seduced by Elijah like this was something Dominic could have only ever dreamt of a year before. And here they were today, together, joined in mind and in body and going stronger than he had deemed possible. Dominic let out an irregular string of sighs and moans, his head tilted back, one hand still twisting in Elijah’s tangled hair and the other arm stretched out beside his own head, his fingers tightening their hold on the crumpled sheets. A fine sheen of sweat broke out over his body as the wonderful mouth around him became the center of his consciousness. If his brain had been able to still work properly, he would have thought about how Elijah being in charge now was just another sign of his striking personal development. Scared of playing Frodo, unsure about his feelings, his sexual orientation, the reactions of his family and those around him here in New Zealand, nervous about diving into this relationship. That was all in the past, but not that long ago. The change was still astounding. Elijah was astounding. There were just no words. Not that Dominic would have been capable of forming any coherent phrase in this very moment. All that came out of his panting throat were noises of pleasure as Elijah’s lips, tongue and teeth slowly drove him into a frenzy.

When he felt the organ in his mouth begin to throb promisingly, indicating that the end was near, Elijah pulled back reluctantly. As much as he would have liked to continue, he didn’t want this to be finished just yet. Releasing the pampered, dripping wet penis, he gave it a last short lick before crawling back up Dominic’s body to settle down on top of him. Heavy, troubled gasps confronted him as they kissed. Suddenly Elijah found himself getting grabbed and turned around. When he opened his eyes again, he looked up into a flushed face and felt a welcoming weight on and against him. Dominic managed to get his breathing and the intense, building pleasure inside his groin under control again, at least enough to form a weak smile and articulate words.

“Fuck…did I really create this…? What the fuck was I thinking?”

Elijah chuckled. “So many bad words. You start to sound just like me.”

“Well…think I told you once that you’re rubbing off on me.”


This time the air got sucked out of Elijah as Dominic crashed his lips against his. It was like one endless kiss for the following minutes, with probing tongues, soft sighs and recurrent quiet moans. Dominic’s right hand strayed from Elijah’s neck over the perspiring chest and down to the invitingly open legs. He gingerly traced the inside of a smooth thigh, up and down, and then wrapped his fingers around the growing erection which immediately became harder. Elijah buried his short nails in Dominic’s back and gasped heavily into his mouth. Hooking his right leg around Dominic’s waist, he slowly moved his hips in a way that made his cock thrust up into the skillfully pumping and squeezing hand. Dominic felt Elijah’s tautened fingers scratch across his back muscles, a sensation that turned him further on and made his desire for the human perfection underneath him grow with every second. He knew it was time, or he would explode.

Gathering all his willpower, Dominic rolled off of Elijah and opened the nightstand drawer. The tube of lubricant that he pulled out of it felt strangely light in his hand. He sat up and squeezed the last remnants onto his palm, putting the empty tube next to the wine glass on the bedside table.

“Oops, have we been so active?” he asked with a smirk, his pulse rate still up and high as he looked down at Elijah’s warm flawless body.

“Suffering from memory loss, old man?” Elijah moved to kneel in front of Dominic who was rubbing his hands together in order to warm up the fluid a little. Encircling Dominic’s waist with his arms, he pressed himself up against him until they were both on their knees.

“Just forgot to update my shopping list,” Dominic gathered most of the lube on his middle and forefinger and reached around Elijah’s abdomen. “See what you’re doing to me, baby?”

“It’s always my fault, isn’t it,” Elijah groaned as Dominic’s slick fingers slowly entered him. Luckily, the amount of lubricant was sufficient. Feeling Elijah’s trembling body against his chest, Dominic spread the helping greasy mixture inside the entrance ever so expertly. Elijah lifted his arms to wrap them around Dominic’s neck, savoring the penetration and rocking his hips back against the probing fingers. Dominic was holding him with his free arm and the way Elijah’s penis kept slipping and sliding alongside his own made it difficult for him to fully concentrate on the task that was literally at hand. And the sucking mouth on his neck didn’t make it any easier either. Glancing over Elijah’s shoulder and downwards, he saw his two fingers disappear and reemerge between the two perfect buttocks and his belly tingled as he thought about how his digits would be replaced any moment now. Despite Elijah’s moans and the arousing actions in their loin regions, Dominic took his time until he was sure Elijah was well prepared. He always used to do that, no matter how impatient Elijah might become.


Dominic smirked. Fortunately Elijah was right this time. He slowly pulled his fingers out of the anus and noticed that his hands were still wet enough to coat his cock with lubricant. So he wrapped his fingers around himself as he lowered Elijah onto his back. Elijah hanging on to him and kissing him fiercely added to the nice multitasking challenge. Eventually though, Dominic broke away and sat back on his haunches between Elijah’s stretched out legs. His glistening, hard cock was aching and Elijah was more than ready. Grabbing one of the two pillows, Dominic positioned it right under Elijah’s hips for some support. Then he took hold of Elijah’s left leg and raised it up to lean it against his shoulder, the other remaining slightly bent by his side. Elijah looked up at him and clutched the sheets above his head, panting with anticipation. So much longing, trust and love in those beautiful, captivating eyes. Dominic ignored his aching cock for a moment and took his time to lean down and place a brief but firm kiss on Elijah’s lips. The leg almost slid off his shoulder, but he was holding it securely and leaned back again. His hands moved down and gripped Elijah’s hips as he very slowly pushed his cock into him. A weak wall of resistance was still there, but it quickly crumbled. Dominic held his breath as he got deliciously squeezed by the warm tightness that swallowed him. He closed his eyes briefly and when he opened them again and gazed down, his breath got knocked out completely. It was a sight he had seen many times before, but it used to mesmerize him every time, like it was the first. Elijah in all his beautiful, naked glory, his eyes shut, gasping for air and panting as his body adjusted to the invasion. Dominic held still and waited a moment until he could see the blue of Elijah’s eyes again. A faint smile reassured him that everything was okay. This was the sign and Dominic slowly began to move his hips, as slowly as he had entered him. Elijah kept looking up, still grasping the blanket tightly. Their eyes locked as their bodies gently moved together in a comfortable, stable rhythm on the rumpled sheets.

Soon Dominic watched how Elijah blissfully closed his eyes and tilted his head back, his upper body glistening with sweat and his throat emitting quiet moans. Dominic’s fingers slipped on the clammy thighs as he helped Elijah drape both his legs over his shoulders. A position allowing a deeper and more intense penetration. The image of Elijah vanished as Dominic shut his eyes and concentrated on the waves inside his groin. He could hear Elijah’s moans which grew louder steadily, as did his own when his initial slow thrusts set a faster pace. His fingertips dug into the firm yet soft thighs in front of his chest and his hips seemed to be moving almost on their own. They both wouldn’t last long.

It was one of those moments when Elijah used to forget that there was something very real outside of that moment. It could be a powerful, passionate kissing session, it could be a corporal union like this or it could be the mere look into a certain someone’s eyes, and everything else disappeared. Elijah’s fingers clenched and unclenched around the wrinkled fabric of the sheets as the faint glimmer that had been ignited in his pelvis grew and turned into a wild fire. His consciousness perceived that Dominic must have wrapped his fingers around his cock since the aching need to do so was suddenly satisfied, but not by Elijah who found himself incapable of moving his rigid muscles. However, the burning sensations that intensified just a few seconds later smashed even the last remaining thoughts out of his head.

Elijah tensed up and arched his back as his orgasm rushed through him, closely followed by Dominic who gripped one thigh with his free hand so tightly that bruises on the delicate skin would be inevitable. But neither of them noticed anything except the intense pleasure exploding inside their jointed bodies. The rocking and the moaning stopped and were replaced by heavy panting and gasping.

Slowly Elijah opened his eyes again. His legs were now stretched out and Dominic was straddling him on all fours. They looked at each other for a second before Dominic lowered himself and settled down against Elijah. Their lips met for a lazy kiss as their sweat-slick bodies intertwined, causing pleasant warmth for the serene afterglow. A tingle remained in his groin as Dominic pulled his face away just a few inches. His fingers continued stroking Elijah’s flushed cheeks and the beauty that looked back at him took his already troubled breath away. He savored the moment in silence before he spoke in a voice that was nothing more than a whisper.

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too,” Elijah said in an equal tone and smiled, his hands caressing Dominic’s back. The heated body on top of and against his felt like the most wonderful blanket. “I can’t believe it’s been a year already.”

Dominic smiled back and tucked a strand of hair behind Elijah’s ear. “I know,” he said, but then his smile weakened a little. “I’m so glad we took the day of our very first kiss as anniversary day. And…that we just ignore what happened after that.”

Elijah moved one hand up to weave his fingers through Dominic’s hair. “It’s the day that changed everything for the better. The rest doesn’t matter. I behaved like the insecure little boy that I was, but all that followed just showed me how much I was in love with you and how much I wanted to be with you. It took me a little longer to realize that and to just live by my feelings. I caused you a lot of pain…but…like you often told me, it only matters that I got my ass up in the end and stopped being such a fucking sissy in denial and that we’re here now.”

The smile came back to Dominic’s face at the last words. “I didn’t quite put it like that, but yeah.”

Elijah chuckled. “I know, I’m the one with the potty mouth.”

“A lovely potty mouth,” Dominic claimed Elijah’s lips once more. When the kiss ended, he felt complete and reassured again. “I just hope you won’t wanna get rid of me in LA. It’s the real world, not fluffy secluded New Zealand,” he winked.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kick your ass out of my house that easily,” Elijah said with a grin and grew a bit more serious. “I’m not naïve enough to think everything will be rainbows and butterflies, Dom. Everyone faces shit, we both know that better than anyone else. But let’s just jump into this and enjoy our time and opportunities. We’re going to get to know each other even better and grow even closer, I’m sure.”

Dominic nodded, knowing Elijah was absolutely right. They knew each other well already, but things would go even deeper once they left New Zealand and started a real life together. He couldn’t wait to spend all that time with Elijah in Los Angeles, in his familiar surroundings, at his home that Dominic had already visited once. Getting to know even more sides about him. As for Dominic himself, there were some things from his past that he was anything but proud of, but he decided not to come up with that here and now. They still had so much time and it didn’t seem to be important in this moment. This moment was just too perfect.

Letting out a dramatic sigh, Dominic smirked at the same time. “I know we will. I also still think we should be in Te Anau right now…I’m sorry, Lij…”

And the playful slap, high-pitched giggle and fiery kiss he received for that really made everything else unimportant.
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