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The Chronicles of New Zealand - Chapter 48

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Title: The Chronicles of New Zealand
Author: fienchen
Pairing: Domlijah
Rating: NC 17 (for series)
Summary: Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan meet in New Zealand and fall in love during filming "The Lord of the Rings". As their relationship develops the problems and obstacles increase, but of course nothing stands in the way of true love.
Author's note: This work is pure and utter fiction and the product of my vivid imagination. Special thanks to my lovely beta spikessweetgirl.
Chapter: 48
Word count: 5495

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Chapter 48

Dominic chewed on the nail of his thumb as he looked at the television screen. It was definitely strange, watching himself act and he wasn’t sure if he would ever get used to it. With “Hetty Wainthropp Investigates” it hadn’t been quite as bad. His role had been cheeky, boyish and humorous and there hadn’t really been much that he could have done wrong. “Monsigneur Renard”, however, was a different matter. He was glad that it was almost over and the ending titles would come soon. It was some pretty heavy, dark material and his character played a major role in the final part. Dominic remembered that particular filming day very well, especially the fears he had harbored. It had been difficult and tough, but somehow he had managed to pull it off. At least he had thought he had. Watching the result now gave him a strange feeling. He noticed a hundred things he could have done better in order to be more convincing. But in the end, the most vivid memory he connected to this project was the phone call he had gotten, on that July evening over a year ago. His agent informing him that Peter Jackson wanted him as Meriadoc Brandybuck. And how his life had changed completely after that call, leading him where never in a million years he had thought he would end up.

Dominic stopped analyzing his acting and dwelling on his thoughts and memories and glanced aside. Elijah was sitting next to him on the couch, his legs drawn up to his chest and his arms hugging them tightly. His chin was resting on his knees and his eyes stared at the television. He looked like a pitiable, wretched bundle. But the most striking thing that made Dominic resist the urge to pull him into his arms were the tears which were streaming down Elijah’s face. He wasn’t even sniffing or sobbing. He was just sitting there, crying silently. Dominic was a little taken aback by Elijah’s heavy reaction, but he didn’t want to move and comfort him either. Elijah was visibly absorbed in the film and Dominic was reluctant to rip him out of this.

The end credits began to roll and when they ended, Dominic picked up the remote control and turned the tape off. Casting another glance to his side, he saw that Elijah’s eyes were still fixed on the TV, like he hadn’t noticed yet that it was switched off. After what seemed like an eternity to Dominic, Elijah turned his head and looked at him. He didn’t change his position, he just pressed his cheek against his knees and then his lips formed a small smile.

“Wow,” he uttered with a soft voice. “That was better than expected.”

Dominic smiled right back at him and finally dared to reach out and wipe away some of the tears on Elijah’s cheeks. “I can tell.”

Elijah wasn’t even aware that he had been crying until he felt Dominic’s fingers on his wet face. Wiping at his eyes, he leaned back on the sofa. “Much better than expected. Why were you so pessimistic about your performance?”

“Well, I wasn’t sure how it would come across in the series at the end,” Dominic explained and emitted a chuckle. “I’m still not quite sure. You know the feeling when you watch your own movies and constantly think about what you could have done better?”

Elijah nodded. “Of course. Everyone does.”

“And it was my first big, serious role and it ended tragically. So…I had no idea if I could pull it off,” Dominic draped his arm over the backrest of the couch and seized a strand of Elijah’s hair with two fingers. “But seeing you now, I must have done something right.”

Elijah smiled, a little embarrassed. “I’m just a sensitive girl. But you know…looks like you had the same issues that I had with playing Frodo. I thought I would fuck it all up and you were afraid you might fuck this role up, hmm?”

“Oh, but my fear was nothing compared to your fear, Lij,” Dominic said, his fingers playing with Elijah’s hair. “I never thought about quitting. Even if I had wanted to quit, it wouldn’t have been possible. I just had to struggle through it and use the acting skills that I had. They weren’t the best, but I did what I could...”

“Are you kidding me?” Elijah interrupted him seriously. “You were great. You might not be able to see it yet, but you’ve got a huge talent, Dom. You’re still young and at the beginning, but you’ll get better and better. You’ve got a great career ahead of you. Trust me, I know potential when I see it.”

Dominic stopped caressing the soft strand for a moment. He felt beyond touched and he knew Elijah hadn’t just said that because he was biased. Elijah truly believed in him. If his tears hadn’t made that clear enough, his words had. In fact, just one look into his face left no doubt.

“I love you, Lijah,” Dominic smiled and was rewarded with a cheeky grin.

“Hmm, you’re lucky,” Elijah removed his arms from around his legs and leaned over. “I love you, too.”

Cupping the lovely face before him, Dominic could feel that Elijah’s cheeks were still a little moist from the tears and he gently moved his thumbs over the skin as they kissed. He hadn’t expected to finish watching the series this weekend, but he had brought the tape with him anyway. It wasn’t as sunny as it had been on the day before, so they had settled down on the living-room sofa for quite an emotional Saturday afternoon. And the emotions were now shifting from moved and touched to rather passionate. Still Elijah pulled away again and opened his eyes.

“Supper and then let’s see what the evening brings? I’m kind of starving.”

“Oh, we’ve got to prevent that, hmm?” Dominic grinned and kissed Elijah once more before moving and pulling both of them up from the couch. He immediately missed the contact, but even he had to admit that some physical needs were more important than others at times. Besides, they still had all night.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t start without me,” Elijah turned and headed into the bathroom.

“I wouldn’t dare,” Dominic grinned, kneeling down and pulling the video tape out of the player. Then he went into the kitchen.

Small raindrops began to fall against the window, gradually becoming bigger and heavier. Elijah left the bathroom and hurried over into the bedroom to close the big window they had opened earlier in order to let some fresh air in. Looking out for a moment, Elijah watched the outside world getting drenched. This changeable weather was typical of the Fiordland region and rainfall could be high due to the mountain range. Elijah, however, found it incredibly romantic. He remained standing in front of the window and observed how the drops were sliding down the glass and then he turned around to help Dominic with the food. He could just gaze at the landscape all day, rainy or sunny, but without the man in the kitchen it was only half as beautiful. That thought put a silly grin on his face. Sometimes he was just too sappy for his own good. It was still difficult for him to figure out his feelings. They were too intense at times and too overwhelming, yet they made him happier than anything else. How could one person be the reason for this? It was strange, overpowering and absolutely exciting. Because Dominic was all this in Elijah’s eyes. He captured him and fascinated him and excited him and loved him beyond words. Elijah often wondered how this was possible, but it always came down to the same answer. There was none. He didn’t have to understand how something between two people could be this passionate and powerful. Sure, he could list a hundred reasons why Dominic infatuated him like no other, but the intensity of it could become a little scary. It would hit him like a wave and not let him go anymore. Like in this very moment, so he had to pull himself out of it.

Elijah was about to cross the room when he spotted something from the corner of his eyes. He stopped and faced the nightstand. The syringe with the little bulb was still lying on top of it, just where he had put it the night before and not touched it since. He had to grin again. Only Dominic could have come up with something like this. Well, what had he expected? Of course Dominic would come up with something like this. And Elijah didn’t care that he was hopelessly biased. The grin seemed to be permanently etched into his face. Shaking his head at himself, he chewed on his bottom lip and glanced at the floor, only to eventually lift his eyes again and stare at the fascinating object on the nightstand. Before Elijah was actually aware of it, he was holding it in his hand and looked at the open bedroom door. What the hell…why not? he thought, mentally kicking his own butt. If he had always been reluctant and shied away from everything he had been nervous or anxious about, he wouldn’t be where he was today. He had been scared of facing the Frodo role, but it had brought him here, into the company of all these amazing, creative people. Into Dominic’s company. He had been shit nervous about diving into the relationship and even tried to fight it, yet it turned out to be the best thing that had ever happened to him. He had dreaded to come out to his family, especially his mother, but everyone had been most understanding and supporting. All of this had helped to shape him and find out who he really was. What was this little syringe compared to that? This time Elijah didn’t grin. He giggled and then he headed for the bathroom.

The music was blaring from the radio as Dominic was standing in front of the kitchen counter, moving his hips to the rhythm. He swung pots and pans around while some charts show entertained him with the latest single of Mr. Robbie Williams. He would never admit it, least of all to Elijah, but he was really digging that man. Maybe Elijah didn’t know him anyway, seeing how he wasn’t successful in America. Yeah, right. You’re dealing with Elijah “walking music encyclopedia” Wood here. Humming along to the song, Dominic grinned and opened the fridge.

“Hey, Mr. Rock DJ,” the soft, loving voice called from the kitchen door. Dominic continued rummaging around in the fridge and strangely he didn’t feel caught in the act. His hips still moved to the music and he grinned to himself as he placed a couple of groceries on the counter, not turning around.

“You’re the talented DJ. I’m just the woman in the background who supports her man,” he said and closed the fridge.

“Uh-uh, now you know that’s not true,” the voice replied in a slightly purring tone. “We’re a team. And I thought I’m the girl in the relationship?”

Filling one of the pots with water, Dominic stopped moving his hips as the song came to an end. Later on he couldn’t remember what song had followed, let alone what meal he had been going to cook. It all turned into a blurry memory the moment he turned around.

“And what a girl…oh my…”

It wasn’t exactly news that Elijah managed to take Dominic’s breath away and get his mind so tousled up that he couldn’t form a proper thought anymore, but this time it hit him harder than ever. He stared at the young man who was leaning back against the doorframe, his arms folded across his chest and a casual smile on his lips. Like it was the most normal thing in the world to be standing there…in all his naked glory, not wearing an inch of clothing. Well, at least not when they had been about to cook dinner. It didn’t occur very often that Dominic was at a loss for words, therefore Elijah enjoyed the situation even more. He swore he could feel Dominic’s eyes all over him, scanning his body as if he was seeing it for the first time, his brain going numb and focusing on only one thing. Elijah had to struggle to keep control over himself and not just jump into Dominic’s arms.

Eventually Dominic’s eyes traveled north again and met Elijah’s mischievously sparkling blue orbs.

“What in the name of Lennon have I done to deserve this?” he managed to ask once he regained his ability to speak. And not just that. His legs seemed to move on their own, as if something was pulling on him, like a magnet. He knew that wasn’t so far-fetched, looking at the man in front of him.

“Oh, you know very well what you’ve done,” Elijah said, thoroughly savoring the affect he had on Dominic. “You practically asked for it when you gave me that little present, so I’m afraid you’ll have to live with the consequences.”

Dominic came to stand right before Elijah and blinked as the meaning of those words hit him. The present…the look on Elijah’s face when Dominic had given it to him...and what Elijah had said he was standing here. Nude and...ready? Could it be? Did Elijah really offer this part of himself to Dominic?

“Lijah, did you...I mean...really?” Dominic stammered, causing Elijah’s up to now controlled face to show his amusement. In moments like this he got to be the dominant one and he loved it. Not that they weren’t equal parts of one whole, but Dominic had always been the teacher due to his experience and Elijah had soaked up everything new and exciting. Once he had committed himself to Dominic with his body and soul, Elijah had found himself to be open for anything. It was as simple as this. He developed a commitment and trust for Dominic that knew no boundaries. He remembered their first time and how perfect it had been. And it had been perfect because he had given himself over to Dominic completely, with all his nervousness and inexperience. The pain had been inevitable, but it had been worth it. More than that, only Elijah couldn’t put it into words. There was something between them now that could never be destroyed again. A connection that went beyond everything. Elijah was so in love with this unique man and his willingness to do this little kinky thing was only a minor stone in the great building that was their relationship.

Unfolding his arms, Elijah looked up at Dominic with those incredibly bright, shiny eyes and his voice still held that purring tone.

“Yes, I really did. If you still want to...”

Dominic laughed. “If I still want to? Hell, if you weren’t hypnotizing me with those breathtaking eyes of yours, you’d already be in heaven.”

“Hmm okay, I better close them then,” Elijah teased and Dominic watched how flawlessly pale eyelids with perfectly shaped lashes slowly covered the penetrating blue that he could drown in forever. Dominic’s own eyes dropped from the lids to the beautiful mouth he had spent kissing for hours and hours with that plump bottom lip and thin upper lip. How could this barely legal young man be this gorgeous? Dominic didn’t know. All he knew was that he had to stop marveling at the beauty in front of him and just kiss it. So he leaned forward and closed the last remaining space between them to press his lips against Elijah’s while his arms pulled the soft, naked body against his chest. But he didn’t stay there very long as Dominic’s hands slid downwards and gripped the back of Elijah’s smooth thighs. Elijah immediately took the hint. Locking his arms tightly around Dominic’s neck, he hopped up and wrapped his legs around Dominic’s waist. Their lips always stayed together, even on the way to the bedroom. It wasn’t the first time that Dominic was carrying Elijah like this, so he managed to cross the distance just fine without bumping against any disturbing objects. Months of practice had turned him into quite an expert.

When he felt his legs collide with the edge of the bed, he slowly lowered the precious body in his arms down onto the mattress. But of course that was no reason to interrupt the non-stop kissing. Elijah pulled Dominic’s still fully clothed body against his nude one, his fingers finding their much loved place in Dominic’s ruffled hair. For a few minutes they did nothing but kiss ever so softly, despite the intense heat and passion that was growing with every second.

Eventually it was Dominic who removed his mouth from Elijah’s, but only far enough to be able to look into Elijah’s slowly opening eyes. The trust, devotion and pure love he could see in the mesmerizing blue nearly knocked him senseless. Dominic’s right hand was positioned at the side of Elijah’s face and his thumb gingerly stroked the skin there. He would never understand how any human being that wasn’t a baby could have skin this smooth and soft.

“Baby…do you really want to do this?” he asked, a loving smile lingering on his lips. “You don’t have to do this for me. You know that. The pervert in me won’t be grumpy.”

Elijah chuckled. “Well, maybe you’re not the only one who’s got a pervert inside. Besides, you should know by now that I trust you with everything. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have told you about all my insecurities and my family issues. And I would have chickened out and not given my virginity to you.”

“Hmm yes, those are good points,” Dominic said, once again feeling unbelievably blessed and honored by what Elijah was offering to him. Emotionally as well as physically. If there ever were impassable barriers between them, they were long gone. From the moment when Elijah had first confided in him and entrusted all his mental issues to him, Dominic had become this very special person in Elijah’s life. And he did not intend to lose that status ever again.

“But if you change your mind and I do something you don’t like and you don’t feel comfy anymore, let me know, alright?”

Elijah smiled at the concerned words he had already heard before their first time. He still couldn’t imagine that Dominic was able to do something to make him feel uncomfortable. “I trust you, so you trust me as well, okay?”

Dominic let out a sharp breath and he had to lean down and release his stormy feelings through a brief yet firm kiss before he could answer with a voice that was still full of heavy emotions. “Oh baby, of course I trust you. There was never a moment when I didn’t.”

“Hey, I know you do,” Elijah reached up, letting his fingers dance over Dominic’s chin. “Don’t take me literally.”

Dominic couldn’t help the wicked smirk that spread on his face. “Oh, I am taking you…but not literally,” he added with a grin.

“Really?” Moving his other hand down to the hem of Dominic’s muscle shirt, Elijah wormed his way underneath the fabric. “I’m afraid you’re still wearing way too much for that.”

“As long as you’re not wearing anything…,” Dominic felt cool hair brush against his back as his shirt was pulled up and tossed into a corner of the room. Then he lowered his mouth down on Elijah’s once more while eager hands cupped his buttocks that were still covered by his sweatpants. The light pressure on his butt caused Dominic to sigh and groan quietly as his growing erection pressed against the material of his pants. Needing some friction, he began to grind down on Elijah’s bare thigh. As much as Elijah loved the feeling of the hard bulge against his leg, he had mercy and pushed the disturbing piece of clothing over Dominic’s butt. Dominic wriggled out of the pants and they joined his shirt in the corner. Finally he could settle his entire naked body down on top of Elijah’s.

Outside the raindrops were still hitting against the window and it had become quite windy. The temperature inside seemed to have increased by ten degrees within the past five minutes. Elijah had his fingers buried in Dominic’s hair as his other hand was back on Dominic’s firm butt. Moaning softly and quietly, he opened his legs a little further and bent his knees lightly, relishing the constant contact of their erections that were trapped between their groins. Dominic moved his slender fingers up and down Elijah’s left thigh, moaning as their cocks kept slipping and sliding against each other. Additionally, Elijah gave his buttock a squeeze over and over again. However, their intertwined tongues and locked lips had to separate since both guys were panting heavily by now and desperately needed to breathe. It was most often like this. Deep, feverish kisses that neither of them wanted to end, but which left them gasping for air.

Dominic opened his eyes and looked down at Elijah’s faintly flushed face with a small smirk. “I hope for your sake that you really used the syringe. You still wanna do this, yes? You’re not taking the piss for some sort of revenge on the evil Brits and their humor?”

“Me? Taking the piss?” Elijah giggled. “I’m the little, innocent boy. I would never do such a thing.”

“Not little and definitely not innocent,” Dominic objected jokingly.

“Yes, I still wanna do this. And if I used it right, you have nothing to worry about,” Elijah winked up at him.

Dominic laughed. “Oh, I’m not worried. I love everything about you, every little thing, no matter what it looks like or what it feels like or what it tastes like.”

Elijah stared at him for a moment, as if Dominic had completely lost his mind, and then he giggled in disbelief. “Ewww Dom, that’s disgusting! I wouldn’t want to…you know…no matter how much I love that person.”

Laughing out loud, Dominic looked at the adorable man beneath him amused. “Ha, this is how you take the piss, my dear. Strong is the British humor. Mind what you have learnt. Save you it can.”

Elijah’s eyes grew wide as he realized he had been fucked with once again and he chuckled, playfully hitting Dominic’s shoulder. “Fucking cunt! Shut up and kiss me, Yoda.”

And Dominic gladly obeyed. All his gathered breath got sucked out of him as he crashed his lips against Elijah’s. The mood immediately changed from lighthearted and humorous back to passionate and fiery. Still the kiss didn’t last very long. Dominic left Elijah’s delicious mouth and moved down his flawless body, kissing and sucking every inch of skin he passed on his way down to Elijah’s groin. Elijah closed his eyes in pure bliss, his hands gripping the pillow underneath his head. He would never get tired of the feeling of Dominic’s lips on him, orally cherishing his body from head to toe. Whenever Elijah did this for Dominic, he got to enjoy manly, muscular parts, areas that were covered by hair and strong features. Then he wondered what it was like for Dominic in a situation like this right now. Dominic had often told him how beautiful, smooth, pale and soft his skin was and how much it fascinated him, but it was hard for Elijah to imagine how a body like his could turn someone on. He was slender, boyish, didn’t really have muscles and had the skin of a newborn baby. Yet Dominic seemed to like it. No, not like it, love it. Sighing in pure bliss, Elijah stopped pondering as Dominic reached his belly and dipped his tongue into his navel. His previously semi-erect cock grew hard again and he felt it press against Dominic’s chest. Obviously Dominic noticed it as well as just a second later Elijah moaned out loud and let go of the pillow to grasp Dominic’s hair. Hot wetness surrounded his penis and Elijah threw his head back, resisting the immediate urge to thrust for now.

Sliding his lips up and down the rigid shaft, Dominic savored how Elijah became even harder inside his skilled mouth. He gradually increased the pressure and hummed around the length, sending delicious vibrations through it. A low moan from Elijah’s mouth and the slow rocking of his hips proved that this action was indeed very much appreciated. Dominic pulled his head back but kept the sensitive tip of the cock in his mouth, letting Elijah thrust slowly and without stimulating the gag reflex. All his senses were consumed by this one man who was giving so much to him so willingly. Sharing this with Elijah always went beyond any physical act. In moments like this, when they were lying together with nothing between them, it felt like their connection and bond grew even stronger. He doubted anyone would ever be able to understand it. Eventually Dominic placed his hands on Elijah’s hips to keep them from moving and then lifted himself up on all fours. Elijah opened his eyes as the wonderful mouth left his cock and looked up at him, panting lightly. Dominic crawled up to his face and leaned down to give him a quick kiss. He swore he could grasp the anticipation and desire.

“Mmm, turn around, baby. Get comfy, on your side would be best,” he said huskily and smiled at Elijah who returned the smile. Dominic felt his heart skip a beat at the sight. There was nothing more beautiful than a nude, aroused Elijah who was grinning at him exactly like this.

“Okay, but careful, you know how easily I fall asleep,” Elijah chuckled and turned around until he was lying half on his side and half on his stomach, his left leg bent and his right leg straight.

Dominic was now straddling Elijah’s right leg and smirked down at him. “Oh, I’ll make sure you won’t fall asleep. At least not within the next minutes.”

Bending down, he attached his lips to Elijah’s shoulder-blade and, just as he had done earlier, kissed his way down the body, the spine, the small of Elijah’s back until he reached the perfectly round buttocks. Elijah closed his eyes again, but didn’t move. Only his hands did, his fingers grabbing the sheets beneath him. When he felt Dominic’s mouth on his left butt-cheek, he hissed quietly and started to pant. It wasn’t like Dominic had never been right there before. But he had never gone any further than this. Elijah’s entire body tensed up in anticipation and he swallowed hard.

Dominic looked at the almost glowing skin in front of him and licked his lips. He tried to grasp what he was about to do, but it was difficult. This most intimate of acts was something he had never done before. He might be an experienced, open-minded and often kinky bloke, but he had never wanted to do this with anyone. It was something you only did if you had someone like Elijah. Someone you loved, cherished and cared about, more than you loved, cherished and cared about anything or anyone. He lay down on his stomach, his eyes roaming the beautiful body before him that was ready for him and waiting. Then he looked at the ever-so-inviting and so wonderfully enticing butt again. He couldn’t take it any longer. Putting his mouth back on Elijah’s left butt-cheek, just where he had been before, Dominic briefly licked the skin there and moved to the right. His tongue slipped in between those gorgeous buttocks and he continued licking until he could feel the familiar entrance he had passed into so many times already, but never like this. He stopped briefly and grabbed Elijah’s hips to still any potential movements in advance. He wanted Elijah to just lie here and enjoy every second of this new experience. Then he began to slowly slide his tongue in and out of the anus.

“Oh fuck,” Elijah squeezed his already closed eyes shut and gripped the sheets tightly as soon as Dominic’s tongue entered his tight hole. Emitting a deep groan, he released his breath that he hadn’t even been aware he was holding. His light panting turned into quick, labored breathing and every time he exhaled, a moan filled the room. Everything seemed to suddenly have disappeared, except that little spot down there and the immense pleasure Dominic’s tongue was creating. The sensitive nerve endings which surrounded his anal opening were stimulated by Dominic’s jaw that was moving steadily along with his tongue. It was an incredibly intense, arousing feeling and sweat broke out all over Elijah’s body. He continued clutching the sheets in a death grip, unable to do anything but moan and pant heavily. Due to his position of lying half on his stomach and half on his side, his now rock-hard cock wasn’t trapped between his body and the sheets, but Elijah was unable to reach down and take it into his hand. But he didn’t have to.

Dominic managed to worm his hand in between Elijah’s legs and took hold of the weeping erection, his tongue never stopping its movements in and out of Elijah’s anus. Yes, Elijah had cleaned himself perfectly and Dominic found he couldn’t get enough of the feeling, but least of all of Elijah’s reactions. He loved the moaning, the panting, the gasping, the tenseness of the whole body. He never would have thought he could experience this level of eroticism with anyone. Elijah turned into helpless puddle of jelly and it was all Dominic’s doing. He could have cried with joy, but instead stroked Elijah’s leaking cock even harder until he could feel it pulsate and throb in his hand.

Elijah pressed his face against the sheets as the huge wave of pleasure filled his groin. He didn’t even know where it began or ended, but it washed over him with a breathtaking force. His tensed up body shuddered and he moaned out loud as he came into Dominic’s frantically stroking hand and his seed spilled over the sheets. Finally he was able to shed some of the tension and went limp, gasping for oxygen. Dominic left his much loved space between Elijah’s buttocks and moved to lie down beside him, caressing his sweaty back. Elijah’s eyes were still closed and he was taking ragged breaths. Dominic smiled and lifted his hand off Elijah’s back to brush his fingers through the damp, auburn hair as he waited for Elijah to come back to reality. Slowly the eye-lids fluttered open and Elijah blinked a few times before he was able to show an exhausted smile.

“Hi there. Welcome back,” Dominic grinned, twirling a strand of hair around his slender finger.

“Hi,” Elijah murmured, his voice barely above a whisper. Still gasping and panting, he wondered if he would ever be able to breathe normally again. “Wow...”

Dominic couldn’t wipe the grin off his face. “I take it you liked it?”

“You could say that,” Elijah said and managed to take a proper breath at last. “Wow...where did you learn to do this?”

“Nowhere. Believe it or not, this was my first time. My first active time, that is. It’s great, isn’t it?”

Elijah nodded and swallowed, then he smiled again. His body slowly got filled with a serene, peaceful, relaxed feeling. The afterglow. “It wasn’t disgusting for you?”

“No baby,” Dominic said and kissed Elijah’s smiling lips. “It wasn’t. It was bloody fantastic. Your reactions...fuck...everything about you. Thank you, Lijah. Thank you for allowing me to do this.”

Elijah reached over and stroked Dominic’s cheek, smiling softly. “Thank you, Dom. You promised me something exciting and kinky and I got it. But all I’ll ever want and need is you. I love you so much.”

These words left Dominic speechless for a moment as he hadn’t really expected them. His emotions overwhelmed him and he could only stare at Elijah’s beautiful this beautiful man, inside and out, who would probably never have any idea how much he meant to Dominic. Who could utter words that aimed straight into Dominic’s heart.

“I love you too, very much,” he felt his voice crack, so he claimed Elijah’s lips before he would lose it completely, pouring everything into this kiss that words would never be able to express.

The wind and the rain turned into a mild storm that neither of them really noticed. Not even after Elijah had taken care of Dominic’s neglected cock and they were falling asleep, snuggled against each other’s sweaty bodies. For this was all that mattered.
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