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The Chronicles of New Zealand - Chapter 47

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Title: The Chronicles of New Zealand
Author: fienchen
Pairing: Domlijah
Rating: NC 17 (for series)
Summary: Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan meet in New Zealand and fall in love during filming "The Lord of the Rings". As their relationship develops the problems and obstacles increase, but of course nothing stands in the way of true love.
Author's note: This work is pure and utter fiction and the product of my vivid imagination. Special thanks to my lovely beta spikessweetgirl.
Chapter: 47
Word count: 4412

Previous chapters

Chapter 47

The boat was floating just a few feet off-shore and Sean focused his eyes on it as he was standing right by the lake. His entire body was alert, especially his legs. When the cameras started rolling and the well-known “Action”-exclamation sounded through the megaphone, he broke into a sprint towards the water. The Elvish cloak was flying behind him, his hairy feet dashing over the sand and his breathing ragged. It was the third take and he grumpily noticed that he really wasn’t in the best shape. Which was not the worst thing for his role, on the contrary. He ran into the water, his gaze on the boat. He knew he would have to slow down any moment and begin to wade as the water was getting deeper. Then he would have to flail out of frame. He had done so during the past two takes.

But not this time. Sean was about two feet in the cold water when suddenly a sharp pain shot through his right foot. He could hardly put his weight on it anymore. With a strangled groan he reached for the boat right in front of him, clinging to it as he tensed up under the intense hurt. A few seconds later someone was beside him and with the help of the crew member, Sean turned around and slowly managed to move back. At first he was still trying to walk, but it soon became impossible. Half hopping, half dragging himself, he reached the sandy shore and was immediately surrounded and supported by a bunch of other crew members who helped sit him down in his actor’s chair. He could determine the gravity of the injury just by looking at the faces around him. He himself did not see the blood streaming down his foot.

Peter was by his side in an instant.

“What’s wrong, Sean? What happened?” he asked anxiously. Luckily nobody of the cast had had to suffer any major injuries yet, except Viggo, but he had only broken his toe without complaining about it once and had merely asked for a dab of glue when his tooth had broken off.

“I stepped on something…went straight through my foot,” Sean grunted and took a deep breath. The pain was still immense, but at least he didn’t have to put any strain on it anymore. That made it reasonably bearable. His leg was lifted up and an emergency medical technical started to carefully cut off the prosthetic foot.

Elijah had kept himself a little further to the side, not wanting to be in the way as Sean had been helped to his chair. But now he moved to stand in front of his friend and stared at the bottom of the injured foot.

“The hobbits really are cursed,” he stated, leaning his hands on his knees as he bent down to have a better look on the sole. “First the splinter in Dom’s foot, doing the Grey Havens a hundred times, now another hobbit with a splinter…”

Despite the pain, Sean managed to laugh.

“Yeah, only this one here must be of titanium. Or whatever it may be. The other one was how long? An inch? And Dom was screaming like a baby.”

Elijah grinned right back into Sean’s face. “An inch can hurt just as bad.”

“Let’s hope it’s not titanium,” Peter said, stroking a hand through his ruffled beard. “And let’s hope the only damage it has done was ruining a prosthetic foot. It’s not good that we’re in the middle of nowhere.”

This was no understatement. It was mid-September when they started to film the breaking of the fellowship on the shore of the Mavora Lakes, a park area in the Southland region of the South Island. An impressive landscape with mountains, two large lakes, forest and tussock grassland. But as beautiful as it was, it was also about one and a half hours away from the next town and even further away from the next hospital.

Finally the prosthetics came off. Only now the grave extent of the wound became clear. The sole of Sean’s foot was practically impaled on a big shard of glass. The medic went on and when all the remains of the fake foot were off, he managed to pull the object out of the sliced skin.

Sean was clenching his teeth throughout the entire process and emitted a sigh of relief.

“Oh, thank God,” he sighed, leaning back and even managing to form a smile. “Looks like I won’t lose my foot after all. Lucky you, New Line.”

“How could this happen?” Elijah asked and looked at Peter in confusion. “The lake was prepared, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” Peter sighed, gazing at the shoreline and the water. “They ran a rake along the bottom to smooth things out and to make sure there’s nothing there that could hurt anyone. I guess something was churned up that had been buried in the sand. You can never be a hundred percent sure.”

At once, a stream of blood was pouring out of the sliced skin, but not just a simple stream. As soon as the medical technician had removed the prosthetics and the glass was gone, a huge blood clot got dislodged which landed on the ground with a disgustingly sounding splat. Everyone around him scrunched their faces, some even turned away in revulsion. Well, everybody save one person.

“Cool!” Elijah’s eyes grew wide at the sight which fascinated him in a rather strange manner. Then he looked at Sean’s heavily bleeding foot.

“Oh yes, it’s bleeding quite freely now,” the medic said as he commenced dressing the wound.

Elijah was still staring at the stream and couldn’t help but grin at the oddly absorbing scene.

“That’s a lot of blood, man!” he said and actually had to suppress a giggle. The tone of his voice was oddly admiring. Almost like he was making a compliment. “That’s a lot of blood.”

Sean looked at him amused. “Glad at least you are having fun, Lij.”

The globular red mass on the sand attracted Elijah’s attention again. It was slimy and glossy and really incredibly disgusting, but he couldn’t look away. Picking up a thin stick from the ground, he began poking at the blood clot, much to the disbelieving amusement of the people around him. Peter stared at him as if he had lost his mind.

“Oh come on, Elijah. Don’t do that,” he admonished with disgust.

Sean didn’t know what was funnier. Elijah’s repulsive act or the fact that it even sickened Peter Jackson, the master of splatter movies. He laughed as Elijah dropped the stick again and looked mildly embarrassed.

“Master Frodo can play with my clots anytime he wants to,” Sean joked which in fact made everyone laugh.

“I’m just fascinated by his blood clots,” Elijah chuckled, brushing a curl of his Frodo wig out of his face.

It was clear that Sean had to be taken to a hospital, so Peter arranged for a helicopter to fly him there. Christine and Alexandra arrived and accompanied him. Luckily, the pain in his foot subsided relatively quickly and once it was fainter, Sean actually found himself quite enjoying the attention. He felt sorry that there would be inconveniences now because of his injury, but the atmosphere on set was slightly bizarre. Of course the DVD crew was shooting non-stop and everyone was gathering around. Plus Sean always loved it when Elijah showed his geek side without even being aware of it. He was truly one of a kind. And they could laugh and joke together again. Sean had started to work harder on himself since Billy’s birthday and he could tell he was making progress, above all in his relationship with Elijah. He tried not to take everything so seriously anymore, especially himself. Dominic and Billy were good role models in this respect. Elijah had noticed the change as well. He didn’t know what had initiated it, but the past two weeks had been remarkable. Sean had become livelier and whatever weight had been on his shoulders seemed to be finally gone.


“Hello, sir,” Dominic grinned, leaning against the side of the car with crossed arms and peeking over the rim of his sunglasses.

“Lovely day, isn’t it? Can I take your beauty for a ride?”

Elijah approached him swiftly, his bag slung over his shoulder. When he reached him, he cocked his head with a playful smile.

“Hmm, thank you very much for the offer. You don’t happen to pass by Te Anau and could drop me off there?”

“You’re lucky. That’s exactly where I’m going,” Dominic took the bag from Elijah and opened the passenger door.

“What a coincidence,” Elijah slipped into the car while Dominic packed the luggage in the trunk and quickly got into the driver’s seat. Removing his shades, he took a look around in order to make sure that nobody was around and then looked into Elijah’s radiant, expectant face. Merely a second later their lips met for a brief yet deep kiss. After they pulled apart again, Dominic put his sunglasses back on and started the engine. Turning the car around, he slowly left the parking lot of the hotel in Queenstown.

It was the Friday afternoon after Sean’s accident, but it wasn’t just any Saturday. For the first time in ages both Dominic and Elijah had the weekend off and they were both on the South Island. While Dominic got to enjoy some more free time now and then, Elijah almost never had a day off, especially now, only three months before the end of principal photography. So they grabbed the opportunity along with Viggo’s rental car and planned a trip to Te Anau. It had been too long. Five months. Way too long. A weekend was short, but that wasn’t a bad thing. The longer they stayed in Te Anau, the harder it was to leave again. The week had been crazy, not just for Elijah and Sean. Orlando had fractured his rib when he had fallen off his horse with Gimli’s scale double. He had tried to act all cool about it, but he wasn’t that good of an actor. There was probably nothing more painful than a broken rib. Dominic was lucky that the worst thing that had happened to himself so far had been a little wooden splinter. And Elijah mainly suffered from cuts and bruises, like basically everybody else. Then again, if you didn’t get at least slightly injured at one point, you weren’t really in it enough.

After a two hour drive through the breathtaking Southland landscape, Dominic pulled the car into the familiar driveway. A few minutes later he stopped the car and turned off the engine. They were home.

As soon as the car was parked, Elijah opened the door, his feet touching the soft grass in front of their cottage. Shielding his eyes from the sun, he gazed at the house and the trees that surrounded it. Nothing had changed. He grinned and shook his head. What had he expected? Dominic left his sunglasses in the car and locked it before joining Elijah on the other side.

“We’re back! Nothing’s changed, huh?”

He didn’t quite understand why Elijah laughed at that, but as always it sounded like music in his ears. The weather was fantastic for an early spring day, the warm sunshine painting the magnificent nature in bright colors. Elijah immediately felt the stress of the week fall off him and he inhaled the fresh air.

“Let’s see if really nothing’s changed!” he exclaimed and broke into a run.

“Bloody minx!” Dominic laughed and rushed after him.

Elijah ran down the old, familiar path that led down to the lake and Dominic wondered when he had become so fast. Usually he was the one to be in a better shape. Maybe the physically demanding Frodo scenes had a positive side effect. Dominic caught up with him just as they reached the shore. Wrapping his arms around Elijah from behind, he lifted him a little off his feet and twirled him around. Elijah shrieked and then laughed like a maniac, but only mildly struggled against Dominic’s comfortable grip. Their mirthful fight caused them both to stumble and fall to the ground. Elijah was panting heavily, partly from the sprint and partly from laughing as he ended up lying on his back with Dominic on top of him.

“Gotcha,” Dominic smiled, moving his hands up to raise Elijah’s arms up over his head and pin him down.

“Thought you could escape me, hmm?”

“Why would I want to escape you?” Elijah asked, his panting lessening and his voice low and tempting.

“I just love having you on top of me like this…by the lake…I knew exactly that we would end up like this…”

“I bet you did,” Dominic looked down at him, his mind hardly able to form a proper thought. He forgot everything around them as all he could do was gaze at Elijah’s face which was flushed from the run and even more beautiful than usual in the bright sunlight. Elijah’s lips were slightly parted since he was still panting a little and smiled a happy smile at the same time. His eyes traveled from Dominic’s eyes to his mouth and back up to his eyes. Dominic wanted to move, but he couldn’t. He wanted to lean down and capture Elijah’s mouth in a fiery kiss, but he found himself momentarily knocked out totally. Nothing worked anymore, except for his eyes that were glued to the man beneath him. Finally his mind managed to make his body obey him again. Lowering his head, Dominic pressed his mouth against Elijah’s and started kissing him like he had wanted to the whole time. Elijah had been eagerly waiting for this since he himself couldn’t move. After all Dominic still had him trapped underneath him and held his hands tightly above his head. He sighed softly, his tongue swirling around Dominic’s and completely surrendering himself to the moment. Dominic let go of Elijah’s hands and put his fingers on the flushed cheeks that he had admired just before the kiss. Elijah’s arms found their place around Dominic’s neck and he buried his fingers in that shaggy hair. Eventually the kiss came to an end and Dominic became aware of their surroundings again. They were at the lake, out in the open, potentially visible for other people. He looked across the water. He wasn’t even nervous. In fact, he couldn’t care less. He wasn’t even relieved when he saw nobody, not even a single boat.

“Don’t worry. There’s no one here, just us,” Elijah’s gentle voice told him and Dominic looked down again.

“You’re telling me not to worry?” he grinned, once again captured by the sight underneath him. He helped Elijah sit up.

“You’ve got sand in your hair,” he chuckled, tousling the dark strands until it was all gone. Elijah kept his arms around Dominic and slid them down from his neck to around his waist as he nuzzled up against him.

“Mmm, who cares,” he kissed Dominic once more before pressing his cheek against Dominic’s as they took in the view of the lake and the mountain range on the far side. Dominic moved his hand slowly up and down Elijah’s back, feeling the warm skin beneath the fabric of his t-shirt. They were sitting like this for a few silent minutes, savoring the scenery that they had missed so much and above all the peaceful moment with each other.

Elijah turned his head and placed a soft kiss on Dominic’s cheek, keeping his lips there as he murmured against the freshly shaven, smooth skin.

“I love you.”

Dominic closed his eyes and smiled, feeling warm all over.

“I love you too, baby.”

Elijah left a few more feather-light kisses on the side of Dominic’s face and then pressed his mouth against the shell of Dominic’s ear.

“I’m so glad we could get away for the weekend.”

“Me too,” Dominic sighed, thoroughly enjoying the caress by Elijah’s lips. “I’m sorry I neglected you lately. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

Elijah pulled away just an inch and smiled.

“What? You didn’t neglect me. We were all busy. Not much time for romance.”

He kissed a trail over to the corner of Dominic’s mouth and when he got there, Dominic claimed those enticing lips for a passionate kiss that left them both pretty breathless.

“Mmm, I have a surprise for you,” Dominic said when they pulled apart and by the tone of his voice, the grin on his face and the sparkle in his eyes Elijah could tell that it was not a surprise you got every day.

“Really? Now what might that be?”

“You’ll see. I very much hope you’ll like it. Remember when you asked me if there was something that could make our lives even more exciting?”

Elijah stared at him, right away knowing what particular sort of excitement Dominic must be alluding to. He knew he would never in a million years figure what exactly Dominic had in mind, but that was just another thing he loved about him.

“Now you got me curious. What is it?”

“Like I said,” Dominic’s grin got even broader. He loved that clueless look on Elijah’s face. “You’ll see.”

“Dominic fucking shitload of middle names Monaghan, you’re such a fucking mean fucker sometimes,” Elijah mildly complained and Dominic laughed at the string of f-words, not that it was untypical of Elijah.

“I know, but you’ll just have to live with it,” Dominic winked, kissing Elijah’s teasingly pouting lips.

After getting their stuff from the car and roughly dusting off the interior of the cottage, they took a stroll along the shore of the lake, happy that they could do so without encountering anyone. This way they could hold hands the entire time, something that any other couple took for granted but was a luxury for Dominic and Elijah. Then they drove to town to get some groceries for the weekend. Supper was spent on the cozy couch in front of the TV.

Putting his empty plate down on the table, Elijah crossed his legs and rested his chin on his folded hand. He eyed Dominic who had just finished his meal as well and who was now grabbing his half empty glass of Coke. Of course Dominic noticed Elijah’s intense look, so he turned his head and tried to suppress a grin as he found Elijah staring at him with almost overwhelming intensity and a composed smirk.

“What?” Dominic raised an eyebrow, acting as if he was totally clueless and oblivious.

“Give it up.”


“You can give me my surprise voluntarily or not. I’ll get it anyway. But voluntarily would make it a lot quicker.”

“Oh,” Dominic sipped his Coke calmly. “But I’m not quite sure if I want it to be quick. Actually,” he paused and let the glass linger against his lips in a rather enticing manner, hoping the sight would distract Elijah a little. But in fact it only made it worse.

“I’d love for it to be slow, so we can enjoy every second.”

Elijah’s smirk turned into a wide grin.

“Okay, you had your fun. Now, pretty pretty please.”

“Hmm, how can I resist that begging?” Dominic downed the rest of his drink and stood up, pulling Elijah with him. Would Elijah still be so curious once he saw what surprise Dominic had in store for him? Or would he freak and call Dominic a crazy and disgusting fucker? Probably the latter. There was only one way to find out. Dominic led him into the bedroom and pulled his bag out from under the bed. He opened it and handed a small plastic bag to Elijah.

“Here you are, your surprise. Or rather the way to your surprise,” Dominic said in a low voice that still held a seductive tone.

Elijah had no idea why he was so nervous all of a sudden. It couldn’t be anything bad, right? He reached into the bag and pulled out a box. His fingers trembled lightly as he opened it. The object it contained was basically a small bulb with a syringe attached to it.

“What is this?” he asked when he was finally able to pull his gaze away from the thing in his hands and looked at Dominic with those big wondering eyes that Dominic knew he would see.

Biting down on his bottom lip, Dominic grinned to himself as he relished the endearing expressions on Elijah’s face.

“It’s an anal douche, Lij. Or a rectal douche or anal enema, though an enema can hold more water. There are many names.”

“What?” Elijah blinked, studying the thing once more. “What for?”

“Well, as the name says, it’s to clean your rectal area,” Dominic said and the grin seemed to be permanently frozen on his lips.

“But,” Elijah looked from the little object up into Dominic’s eyes again. He really has no bloody clue, isn’t he the most adorable thing ever, Dominic thought amused, resisting the urge to grab Elijah and snog him senseless right here and now.


“It’s rather simple. You fill the bulb up with warm water by removing the tip and running it under the tap or you can squeeze the bulb and immerse it in a container of water and the suction effect draws the water in. You lubricate the end of the douche and the opening of your anus and insert the tip. Then you press the bulb and the water gets dispensed into your rectum. This way your anal area gets cleaned gently. And when you’re finished, you pull the tip out again and push the water out with your rectal muscles.”

Dominic stopped his sober, matter-of-fact explanation for a moment, silently enjoying the bewildered reactions on Elijah’s face. He smirked when he spoke again.

“And once you’re clean, my mouth will be delighted to show you just how much pleasure you can feel.”

The whirlwind of emotions in Elijah’s wide blue orbs couldn’t have been any clearer and as always Dominic was able to read it like a book. Not that it was very difficult to tell what someone like Elijah was thinking in this moment. Confusion, disbelief and uncertainty were the most obvious feelings. Elijah was twisting and turning the thing in his hands as he stared at the madman in front of him.

“Wait…let me get this straight…,” he began, his throat suddenly dried out and sore. “There are seriously people who…with the mouth…I mean…down there!?”

Dominic laughed and nodded.

“That’s right.”

This laughter triggered something inside Elijah and his face broke into a grin. Of course, that must be it.

“You’re fucking around with me again, aren’t you? It’s one of your epic jokes, right? Did you come up with it or did Billy help you? Fuck it, you two get me each and every time!”

Dominic shook his head and smiled softly, stepping a little closer. Elijah’s reaction was not surprising, but it amused Dominic that Billy was pulled into this as well.

“Lijah, I swear, it’s not a joke. There are gays who take great pleasure in this action and others don’t. Consider this a simple offer. We don’t have to do anything, but when you looked at me with your beautiful big blue and curious eyes back then, I just couldn’t resist and thought I’d show you this. You know, as a suggestion. Think about it and if you still find it disgusting then, we’ll forget about it.”

Elijah looked down at the bulb in his hands once more. When he looked up again, there was mainly curiosity in his expression.

“Have you done this before? I mean…has anyone ever done this…with you?”

“Someone did it with me once, yeah,” Dominic said. “Well, he was the active one and I was the passive one.”

“And…did you like it?” Elijah asked, a glimmer of curiosity forming somewhere deep inside him and he couldn’t believe it was actually there.

“I did. It’s not for everyone, but you don’t find out unless you try it out yourself,” Dominic told him and took one of his hands in his, giving it a gentle squeeze.

Pressing his lips together tightly, Elijah contemplated.

“I see there’s a lot of stuff I still don’t know about,” he said after a while and then added incredulously: “It really doesn’t disgust you?”

Dominic smiled.

“It’s not disgusting if you use this syringe. Lijah, your bottom is a part of your body, just like your penis is. When a man goes to the toilet, he pees with his penis, yet no one seems to find blow jobs disgusting. But if you take the other...well...area, everyone freaks and finds it disgusting. Why? It can be stimulated just as well as the penis. And if it’s clean, there’s really nothing yucky about it.”

Elijah stared at him for a moment and then he just had to laugh, despite the absurd truth he saw in Dominic’s words.

“Are we really having this conversation?” he asked, mainly laughing about the bizarre situation.

“I’m afraid so,” Dominic grinned and pulled Elijah closer, wrapping his arms around him.

“But at least I broadened your knowledge a little more. Think about it and take your time, baby. Remember, it’s only a suggestion.”

Elijah hugged him back, still holding the little bulb in his hand and he fumbled with it behind Dominic’s back. Looking up into his eyes, he swallowed and then smiled, almost shyly.

“Dom? If I use this, I’d like to do it alone. Would that be okay? I think I’d feel a little embarrassed if you were there and...watched me...”

Dominic chuckled and kissed him briefly yet reassuringly.

“Of course. I wanted to be alone as well when I used it for the first time. I completely understand. Just know that whatever you do, nothing could ever be embarrassing in my eyes.”

The shy smile turned into a bigger, relieved smile and Elijah kissed him again. A kiss that soon turned into something more passionate and consuming and ended with Dominic and Elijah lying in bed as night was falling, naked, sweaty and completely sated. Dominic’s surprise was on the nightstand, still unused. It wasn’t needed, not yet. Now all they needed was each other.
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