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The Chronicles of New Zealand - Epilogue

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Title: The Chronicles of New Zealand
Author: fienchen
Pairing: Domlijah
Rating: NC 17 (for series)
Summary: Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan meet in New Zealand and fall in love during filming "The Lord of the Rings". As their relationship develops the problems and obstacles increase, but of course nothing stands in the way of true love.
Author's note: This work is pure and utter fiction and the product of my vivid imagination. Special thanks to my lovely beta spikessweetgirl.
Chapter: Epilogue
Word count: 612

Previous chapters


The landscape was just as beautiful as they remembered it. The vast lake, the blue water glistening in the sunshine, the mountain range in the background. And this feeling of pure and utter peacefulness and being at home. It was their home and it always would be.

Elijah let his eyes wander over the scenery. It felt like they had never been away. He didn’t want to leave, yet he knew they had to. But he was happy that they had been able to come here one last time before saying farewell to this country. And to the cottage that had become their own little haven in a world full of threats. Elijah pulled his hands out of his pockets as he felt someone press against his back and embrace him from behind. Leaning back against the familiar body, he put his hands on the arms around his belly.

“We’ll come back here, Lij. I promise,” he heard Dominic murmur into his ear. Elijah turned around and wrapped his arms tightly around Dominic’s waist, then he gazed at where the secluded cottage lay surrounded by trees. He nodded faintly.

“I know.”

Dominic held him firmly and gazed over Elijah’s shoulder at the landscape. Te Anau with its breathtaking lake and mountains. The place where they had become one. He hadn’t just said it to make Elijah feel better. He was convinced that they would see this beautiful location again.

Elijah pulled back and claimed Dominic’s mouth for a kiss. Dominic returned the tender act and moved his lips against Elijah’s incredibly soft and plump ones. Raising his hands, he cupped Elijah’s smooth cheeks as the kiss went on for a long moment. When it ended, they let their foreheads touch.

“I love you, Dom. No matter what happens,” Elijah whispered, but Dominic was still able to hear a tinge of anxiety in his voice.

“I know, baby. And I love you too, no matter what happens,” he whispered. They didn’t need to speak out loud what was said between the lines. No matter what happens back in what they liked to call “the real world”.

But when Elijah began to smile, everything lit up again, and Dominic smiled right back at him. How could there ever be any problems in their lives, as long as they had this? Deep inside Dominic and Elijah knew they were being naïve for thinking this, but they couldn’t help it in this moment. Every time they were here, the place had this effect on them. Here they were sure they could master anything. Here it was just the two of them. Like back then, when they had kissed for the very first time, on the shore of this stunning lake. It had been just them. They had been just Dom and Lijah and nothing else had mattered. And they would take that feeling with them when they were leaving this place.

They kissed once more and then, after a final glance at the lake, made their way back to the cottage, hand in hand. And with a smile on their faces.

On this day Dominic wrote the last entry into his diary that he had decided to quit for good after New Zealand. He had neglected it during the past months, but just because he hadn’t felt the need to fill the pages anymore. He shared everything with Elijah now, and Elijah shared everything with him. There was no urge to pour out his thoughts on paper any longer.

Dominic opened the journal and lowered the pen to another blank sheet.

December 23, 2000

Dear fate, thank you. I love you, Lijah. Now and for always.
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